Welcome #

Social media analytics is the practice of collecting data from social media platforms and using that data to make business decisions. This is an short introduction to this topic created by Christian Hotz-Behofsits (Institute for Retailing & Data Science). The provided materials are part of a course held at the WU Vienna.

About this course #

Before going into the details, the aim of these documents and the course should first be made clear. The goal is to convey current analysis concepts that are relevant to marketers. Information about the process, grading and contact can be found here.

Content #

In particular, these three topics will be addressed:

In all these sections, we try to keep the focus on social media as much as possible. In addition, the book provides links to additional content and offers reading recommendations. Finally, if you are a participant in this course, you can find more information about dates, grading, and other administrative details in the syllabus.

There are also some other points worth mentioning: First, this work is aimed at students. No prior knowledge is expected. Furthermore, the focus is on application and not theory.